Bill Parmentier actor headshot
Bill Parmentier is the Owner and Creative Director of Oldstorm Studios.

Hey there! It's your old friend, star of screen and ...screen, Bill Parmentier. You may remember my acting in numerous commercials, including the classic "Lottery Van Breaks Mailbox," and of course "Wet Headlamp Dad."


Did you know I also own this great creative video agency called Oldstorm Studios? You bet I do. And I'm looking for collaborators that need more inspiring, hilarious, and wild media content. Could that collaborator be YOU?! I certainly think so.

With a film pedigree and over 17 years of work in production, Oldstorm Studios has the imagination and experience to help you reach for those creative stars! 

Here at Oldstorm, we specialize in...

  • Creative​: stories, scripts, punch up, visualization

    • Let us ​conceive some fresh ideas for you, or we can crank up the volume on ideas you already have.

  • Production: branded, commercial, narrative

    • Lite​rally lights, camera, action. This is the exciting and exhausting part, like watching your kid grow up.

  • Post-Production: storytelling, emotion, detail

    • Our media's in the can. Time to hunker down. Computers + artistic flair x patience = the finished story.

We partner with these great creators, among many others...

Let's make it happen.


St. Louis, MO USA

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