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I am Bill Parmentier, the owner and operator of Oldstorm Studios, a NEW media production company in St. Louis, Missouri. We offer a full range of services from creative to post, with a focus on production.


What sets us apart from other production companies? Our goal is to help you, the client, take a chance on a new creation. Let's challenge each other to make something no one else has tried. Don't just make the same old video everyone else has. Make it crazy. Make it hilarious. Make it wild.

To accomplish that, we inject as much imagination into our media as we can. With influences from the narrative world, we take a more cinematic approach to our work, both visually and emotionally. Who says your brand's story can't be on par with Spielberg's?

Photo credit: Rukus

Need to cleave your old, boring media? Consider us the axe.