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Let's make something rad together!
Not much to see here...yet. We're new. SO new, in fact, that we haven't yet built a large portfolio. But with your help, we can change that.
In the meantime, browse below some of the work Bill has done over the years. And again, these are not Oldstorm's videos, but rather some of Bill's portfolio. Credit is given where due.
- Producing / Directing -
"We reveal stories about St. Louis' singular people, places, and things. We shine a spotlight on their unique nature and obscure facets. These are the (somewhat) hidden gems of our town, St. Louis."
This was a short-lived web series produced by us and backed by a local agency. It promoted local businesses and institutions through creative documentary. Funding dried up, but we hope to dust off this show again in the future and rebrand.
Home Clean Home - CLR
This spot was made for an online commercial creation contest for the family of cleaning products known as CLR. Basically it's a spec. We didn't win, but I think the spot turned out alright, considering the cast and crew were all volunteers and the budget was under $100.
- Producing -
Road Rage Fuel Booster
Commercial spots for a new diesel engine additive shot entirely on stage with one actor (me!). A simple production with extensive visual and sound effects. This was Road Rage's first ever motion media production.
My roles were as line producer and of course talent.  Rukus Production Studio produced the spots.
Viniq: Ruby
Commercial spot for a new shimmery liqueur shot entirely in studio on a tabletop set. Classic product beauty shots, but with the added challenge of highlighting the "shimmers" within the liquid.
I line produced this piece by 90 Degrees West.
Bearville Alive!
A branded web series for Build-A-Bear Workshop in which their stuffed toy characters have silly adventures. The plushes are puppeteered on little sets and voiced by child actors.
I co-wrote and directed a few episodes, including the one shown here. The series is produced by Coolfire Studios.
BET News: Justice for Ferguson
"This hour-long special features an exclusive sit-down interview with Michael Brown's parents and highlights the social and racial implications of this recent tragedy."
I was an associate producer. Story produced by BET, New Chapter, and Coolfire Studios.
Holiday Fireplace Yule Log - Budweiser
 A new take on the classic burning yule log videos we see around the holidays. We took an outdoor fireplace and transformed it into the interior of a wooded lodge, with enough room for an iconic Budweiser Clydesdale and Dalmation.
Production design by yours truly for VaynerMedia.
Coolest Job - Shelter Insurance
One of three spots in a comic book-themed series. The two bedroom scenes were completely empty rooms before we dressed the sets. Every single thing had to be brought in.
I did the production design for Chimaeric Motion Pictures.
Illuminating Information - Ameren Missouri
Recreating the aftermath of a storm was a great physical challenge. I hauled in a truckload of limbs, leaves, and debris to scatter around the scenes. Then I washed my hands and dressed the outdoor table setting. Hard, yet fun work.
Art direction by me for Coolfire Studios.
World BX Series - Kubota Tractor
Another outdoor spot, this one required ample amounts of sweat and elbow grease to landscape these scenes from scratch. All materials were hauled in and dressed solo by me and my muscles and maybe the tractor helped some.
Production design by me. Produced by Coolfire Studios.
- Production Design / Art & Props -
- Acting -
Head to the next page to learn a little more about me and get a link to a large collection of my acting work.
Live from The Stables with The Clydesdales for Super Bowl 51 - Budweiser
 After the success of the Bud Yule Log video (see below), VaynerMedia asked us again to design a set for a long-form "live" video. This video would play on Facebook during Super Bowl 51. The broadcast even aired a clip during the game! Pretty darn cool.
From first contact to production wrap, this all came together in just one week. Speed and precision, y'all.
Production design by yours truly for VaynerMedia.
I-70 Auto Body: HerPOWer Defense Workshop
 Our first ever full pre-to-post production.
I-70 Auto Body in Wentzville, MO came to us directly in need of a boost to their marketing. We were happy to oblige, providing a soft marketing event recap video highlighting their involvement in the greater Wentzville community.
I-70 Auto Body: HerPOWer Vehicle Safety Training
Our second full pre-to-post production.
The follow up to the self defense workshop for I-70 Auto Body in Wentzville, MO. This time we focused on driver safety and preparedness...and ended with a literal bang. Soft marketing just got a little harder.
Live From The Clydesdales’ Stables for
Super Bowl 52 - Budweiser
Third time's a charm for the Clydesdale Cam. Within a week, the team put together an even bigger "living room" for the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales so they could enjoy the big game. And again, a short clip which aired during the game was viewed by an estimated 103 million people. Unreal.

Production design by Oldstorm for VaynerMedia