Client Testimonials
Don't just take OUR word for it.

"I can't say enough good things about working with Bill Parmentier and Oldstorm Studios! Bill went far beyond just the creation of an extraordinary video (and it is an extraordinary video...we've received more compliments on the piece than I can count). We hired Oldstorm to create a successful Kickstarter video for our coffee roasting start-up, and from the very first phone call, Bill has been wholeheartedly invested in our plan, our vision, and our success. We consider him to be a full-fledged member of our team. He has worked tirelessly on our project, writing, shooting, editing, and producing the entire video, despite schedule crunches and resource realignments on our part. No matter what hurdles we ran into, Bill led the charge over each and every one of them, and he wasn't satisfied until we had the perfect finished product. I can honestly say we wouldn't have reached our ambitious Kickstarter goal without his help, and without the video that so perfectly summarizes our brand's personality and heart. We are so grateful for his work, and we look forward to continued collaborations in the future!"


Clayton Smith, Head of Operations: Reconstruction Coffee Roasters

"Bill is a great asset behind and in front of the camera. He has a natural smile, that combined with his wit, were perfect for a series of sales meeting videos called "Stuck with Buck". He was very prepared and added a lot of detail and humor to the script. For the "Buck" project, I was looking for some adlib. As we did several takes, the wording changed slightly, but the ideas were always expressed perfectly. Bill was great on the set and was very positive even though we were working with an extreme deadline. The end result was a hit with the client."

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Steve Hoffmann, Owner: The Graphics Co.

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